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A quaint coffee café in a gallery of art... because coffee with a view is simply sensational!

  Tranquil music plays in the background as our barrister passionately grinds our beloved coffee beans.  The scent of cappuccino fills the air and inspiration plays all around... welcome to Froth Café.

Catch up on emails or catch up with friends over Italia's favourite coffee company, Lavazza.  (We've got cake too!)

"Feels like you are sitting in someones living room surrounded by interesting odds and ends for sale." - Liesl Hearne

"I work around the corner from Froth and their incredibly friendly staff, delicious food and affordable prices make it my one-stop-shop for either a quick bite to take away or for a sit-down-delight.  
They are located INSIDE a very upmarket furniture and trinket store unlike any other. It's a combination of ancient Chinese art, current trends and comfortable pillows. While we were there there were other patrons of varying ages and career/life phases. 
I left feeling fed in both my stomach and my soul."
- Chantelle G

     "Decided to walk into this gem about 3 weeks ago (unplanned as my meeting venue next door was still closed)  – absolutely stunning and now one of my favourite places. Was like a magic door moment as it looks so tiny from the outside, but walk through the door and it a wonderfully spacious and interior creativity all around, perfect for work inspiration." - Lustine Jordaan

Drool over our scrumptious menu...

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